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Staten Island Restorative and General Dentistry

Healing Staten Island Smiles

For reliable restorative and general dentistry in Staten Island, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Craig Ratner and Dr. Alex Pisapia are the perfect team to bring you this combination of comprehensive, conservative dental care under one roof. Their integrative approach to general dentistry is not only preventive, but also proactive. Through advanced technology and training, we provide early detection and healthy restorations to keep teeth in their ideal, naturally strong condition. In as little as one visit, you can feel what it’s like to have a healthy smile that radiates confidence.

We Offer

Can you imagine dental care without a drill? It’s possible thanks to air abrasion. This is a more minimally-invasive way to remove decaying tooth enamel. We can improve your oral health without the heat, vibration, or noise of the common dental drill.

Are you nervous about dental anesthesia? Relax and talk to the team at Exceptional Dentistry about your options with game-changing Oraverse technology.

Our office has dental cone beam computed tomography or CT x-ray scanning equipment that produces imagery you have to see to believe. In high-tech 3-D resolution, we can show you what’s happening inside your mouth with your teeth, soft tissues, and nerve pathways using one easy scan.

Your comprehensive exam with your Staten Island general dentist is a special, one-on-one time to monitor your oral health that occurs twice each year.

Our metal-free crowns and bridges can help you love the way your smile looks again when your missing teeth disappear. They’re customized and comfortable for everyone.

Dentures and partials have come a long way over the years. Now’s the time to talk to us about your options to see how good life can be when you love your smile.

Digital x-rays are the safest way to get a look at your teeth and roots below your gum line. This is how we gauge how teeth are growing or changing to provide a better view of how we should proceed with your treatment.

When you have a dental emergency in Staten Island, you need a general dentist who you can rely on quickly. Call us for same-day care that will help you get out of pain.

Root canals get a bad reputation, but your restorative dentist relies on them to help preserve and protect your natural teeth. We do most treatments in-house!

Do you have teeth starting to show signs of decay or cavities? We can help keep them healthy with tooth-colored or composite fillings that blend beautifully with natural teeth.

Fluoride treatments are great for kids and adults to help protect teeth from deterioration or damage. We recommend them as needed for both our young and more seasoned dental patients.

Our dental hygiene team has some of dentistry’s most useful technologies for keeping teeth clean and healthy. They can easily spot cavities and deep clean your smile to perfection.

Our intraoral cameras take high-quality photos of your teeth that we can easily store in your file for future reference. You’ll be able to see what your teeth look like, along with your dentist for a more comprehensive look at your oral health.

Do you grind your teeth at night? Are sports your thing? Protect your teeth from damage with a custom sports mouthguard (perfect for kids) and nightguard to help beat bruxism.

Oral cancer can be overcome when it’s detected early. Our office is equipped with special Identifi technology to accompany your visual/manual screening.

For minor tooth extractions and simple oral surgeries, you can rely on Dr. Ratner, Dr. Pisapia, and the team at Exceptional dentistry. We’ll make it a relaxing, stress-free experience.

Periodontal or gum disease therapy is important to help keep your teeth healthy. As your general dentist in Staten Island, we offer special ARESTIN treatment for gum disease that’s effective over time.

Porcelain inlays and onlays are a great alternative to tooth-colored fillings when your general dentist in Tottenville needs to restore a heavily damaged tooth.

Our soft tissue laser can get rid of harmful bacteria in your mouth and stimulate the growth of damaged gum tissue. Safe lasers can easily seal blood vessels for faster healing and treatment results that patients truly love.

Raving Reviews from Our Patients