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The Truth Behind Teeth Grinding

Are you a chronic teeth grinder? Not really sure if you are or not? It’s not surprising: of the roughly 30 million people teeth grinders out there, very few realize […]

Pregnant? See Your Dentist in Staten Island!

  We all know that when you are either planning a pregnancy or experiencing one, that visiting your doctor is extremely important. What you may not know is that it […]

Are You Ruining Your Teeth and Don’t Know It?

  We’ve covered a lot of information about how to get and keep your smile healthy and strong at my dental office in Staten Island. However, there are many common […]

What Do You Know About Oral Cancer?

  April is Oral Cancer Awareness month and I’d like to make sure all of the patients at my Staten Island dental office recognize how serious oral cancer is, know […]

Cavity Myths Exposed in Staten Island

  Cavities. Nobody wants them, yet a lot of us get them. And while most of us know that cavities aren’t a good thing, many people can be confused about […]